brenda. i was and will be missmarvel/jamekirks again.

for someone who supports real madrid and liverpool i actually sleep with the enemies a lot.
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i played the video without paying attention and for a second i was so confused

this is not

steven gerrard

this is alberto moreno


and then like fuck fuckkk how ok let’s play it again


this is not xabi alonso

this is alberto moreno

tell me how te fuck honestly this is not a joke anymore i’m legit FUCKED over thsis how

Ronaldo and James responds to the rumors. | 16.09.2014 (x)

I understand the facts. I know that she had reams of information about me and about my life and about the people that were close to me. And I understand that if she slipped up that she would have a completely reasonable explanation for it. And I guess to expect you to have seen past that is perhaps asking a little bit too much. But when I was over there, I thought about you. And you were just a figment of my imagination. But I held onto you, and it wasn’t reasonable, and it wasn’t logical, but I did it, so… why didn’t you? She wasn’t me. How could you not see that?
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your name was more powerful
than any empire, but
it could not stop your fall.
— gods do not have to be fair || a.c

Footballers- Thiago Silva
Footballers- Thiago Silva


real madrid training session,Sep.19,2014.

Home is where your heart is.

Home is where your heart is.